JUNTOS means together.  Language is about communication, and communication is a shared experience.  Imagine sitting around the table sharing food, drinks, experiences, and of course, conversation.  Learning Spanish shouldn't feel pressured, intimidating, or boring. Instead it should be fun, exciting, and comfortable.  That is exactly what the  JUNTOS class offers- a social approach to learning Spanish in a comfortable, fun, and engaging environment. 

In our 8 week course,  you will be exposed  to the most high frequency structures of the Spanish language, with the goal being communication. Furthermore, JUNTOS is designed for you to discover Spanish language in a meaningful context.  Vaya personalizes instruction to your interests, making communication natural and interesting.

With classes ranging from beginner to advanced,  JUNTOS provides you with the context to take the next step towards fluency.  


features of juntos: 

  • Customized instruction with lessons tailored to your interests and learning style

  • Comfortable group setting

  • Interactive and fun

  • Focus on increased confidence



$210 for eight week course ($26 per lesson).  Each week is approximately 50 minutes of instruction. Register by 9/24 to get the early bird promo rate of $190.   *Discounts available for couples or families. 


The next class will begin on October 15th and will meet in Homewood on Monday evenings from 6- 7 PM until December 10th. We are currently accepting registrations for beginner level students. You are not officially committing by filling out this form, but when you do we’ll reach out to you with the exact location and all other details.


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