DESCUBRE means "discover."  Vaya exists to create a context for people to discover a meaningful connection to the Spanish language.   We create a custom plan for you and tailor make the language experience  so that you can learn whether you're a young professional,  mom, retired, business person, or even a young child.  We want to empower people to speak Spanish with more confidence by giving them tools and context to do so. 

The DESCUBRE track offers individualized lessons in a meaningful,  personalized context.  These private (or group) Spanish lessons offer content- based instruction personalized to your interests, making communication both natural and interesting.  Vaya creates a familiar, engaging context for students through personalized questions, imaginative stories, and catchy songs, all in which students are directly involved in the learning process. 

Our goal is to create a learning experience in which you become familiar with the framework and basic structure of the language. DESCUBRE offers both beginner and refresher courses, depending on your need and level. When you take our assessment, and we will determine the best place for you to begin where you’ll be the most successful and equipped. 

features of descubre:

  • Content based assessment to determine current level of knowledge and areas of focus
  • Learning style assessment for individualized instruction 
  • Customized plan for each student `
  • Comfort of home (or preferred) setting 
  • Focus on increased confidence



$50 per one hour lesson per person*  or  $150 flat for a class of four or more.   (*Please ask about discounts available for couples, families, and/ or groups) 

 *Please note that once we have booked your lesson,  we require a 24- hour cancellation notice or the full price of the lesson will be charged. 



Monday- Thursday    2:30- 3:30 PM,  4:00- 5:00  PM    

Friday                        8:00 AM- 12:00 PM,   1:00- 5:00 PM

(Note: Hours are subject to change based on class bookings)