About Vaya 

I'm Christy Barton,  a Spanish teacher in Birmingham,  AL and the creator of Vaya.   Vaya began out of a desire to give people  a meaningful and personalized experience with the Spanish language.  After several years of teaching Spanish in the classroom, I was inspired to teach in a more personal context in which the individual was championed.  I wanted students to feel valued and empowered, to be unafraid and enthusiastic about learning a new language.  Hence, Vaya was born.

I've spent extended amounts of time in Guatemala, Spain, and Honduras, and it brings me joy to help people connect with other cultures.  My heart is to cultivate connection,  instill confidence,  and empower the individual. 

When I'm not teaching, I love to travel and explore new places (of course),  or you can find me in a local coffee shop with a good book or a good friend.  I'm easily inspired by finding beauty in the day to day and am always aiming to live life to the full!